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Are you a small business, looking for support?
Looking for more than just your accounts and tax returns done once a year?

At Unsworth’s Accountancy Services, you’ll get much more. I believe in giving you the tools needed to ensure that you spend less time on your accounts and more on your core business.

Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, a limited company, a limited liability partnership (LLP) or have personal tax issues you need resolving, Unsworth’s Accountancy Services will review the level of information and services you require and tailor a specific package just for you.

I deal with a variety of business types. The turnover can range from a thousand to a million pounds and the business can be just you, or can employ a staff of up to 50 or so.

quoteThank god for Jo. Until meeting her I thought all accountants spoke a different language. Jo has not only been able to assist me in my year to year financial management; she’s trained my bookkeeper; offered cash flow management support, and even joins us for our Christmas parties. A fabulous and valued member of our team.

Eve Reid, Managing Director, Metamorphosis



Running a business involves a range of areas.  One of the most important areas for you would be the actual business itself, e.g. selling or producing products; providing a service.  However, with running a business come the administrative and legal requirements. I can help you through the minefield of accounting, taxation and other requirements, or provide you with the contacts needed for other regulations, such as employment law. For more advice click here.



Whether you are a large limited company or a sole trader with a small sole trader, you need to prepare some form of accounts. For limited companies, these need to be filed with Companies House and need to follow a wider range of accounting rules and reporting requirements. For sole traders and partnerships, these accounts have less reporting requirements but do need to follow their own rules. These are more for your own use but may be required by the Revenue or third parties, such as your bank. To find out more about accounts, click here.



Taxation comes in many forms and affects many aspects of your business and personal life.  Whether it is direct tax that you pay on your earnings, such as income or corporation tax, or whether it is indirect tax, such as VAT, tax is everywhere. The old view that having an accountant will automatically reduce your tax burden is not always true.  I will assist you in making sure that you are paying the correct tax with the maximum relief available. To find out more about taxation, please click here.



One of the most vital areas of your business, particularly in this harsh economic climate, is cash flow. It doesn’t matter how much profit you are making if you do not have the cash to pay your creditors and yourself! It also helps to plan ahead, to have an idea of what profit and cash your business needs to achieve its targets and to establish these targets in the first place. To find out more about cashflow, please click here.