Business Review, cashflow and budgeting

One of the most vital areas of your business, particularly in this harsh economic climate, is cash flow. It doesn’t matter how much profit you are making if you do not have the cash to pay your creditors and yourself!  It also helps to plan ahead, to have an idea of what profit and cash your business needs to achieve its targets and to establish these targets in the first place. This is called “budgeting”.

I can assist you with preparing the initial long-term budget and with ongoing forecasts to review how your actual performance compares to your initial budget. I can also produce revised forecasts, based on the performance to date. It is important that the budgets and forecasts are realistic and that they are reviewed and updated regularly.

I can also review your business and the systems you have in place and advise ways of improving them. These do not have to be restricted to quantitative (i.e. numeric) systems but also the qualitative aspects of the business.

Cash flows should be timely and regular, to enable you to keep track of where your cash is coming in from and where it is going out to. I can provide you with an initial cash flow that you can then either keep updated yourself, or ask me to do so, on a regular basis. Without cash, trading becomes very difficult.